I was born in 1974 in upstate New York. We had a big maroon Chevy Malibu Wagon. I made guitars out of single pieces of wood with rubber bands for strings. They were unplayable. That much is true.

I was a prodigy on the viola and the harpsichord, fully mastering both by age three. I was shipped to Vienna for the next twenty-two years. Some say I was destined to be the next Mozart. I had other plans... after those many years I made a daring escape. I jumped a train to the Mediterranean. There I hopped a freighter to the New World (in essence, my old world.) Stowed away under a tarp on deck I played checkers against myself... always to a draw. After three weeks at sea I returned home.

This next part is true. I live near the coast in North Carolina where I play music and play with dogs. I've been playing music in some form or another for most of my life. I believe everyone has a story worth telling. I think songwriting is a great way to tell those stories and convey a range of emotions. Most important to me is striking the right tone (both musically and lyrically) to capture the essence of the subject.


The Doug McFarland One 3.0